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In today’s time, the need to set a secure web server is at a peak because of cyberattacks. Many service providers provide you with servers with specialized firewalls to ensure proper measurement against DDoS attacks. Extravm is one of the significant server providers these days. This article about Extravm also contains some Extravm promo codes that are valid and useful in the purchase. 

When you are setting up a shared hosting server, you require a user-friendly hardware and software range. ExtraVM covers all these measures for you, offering a secured server located worldwide. The ExtraVM promo code available covers all aspects, from a single purchase to a group discount on all services.

Working ExtraVM Promo Codes in May 2021

ExtraVM Promo Code Description Link
40NVME 40% off on All the Hosting Plans Get Deal
LET10 10% off on All the VPS Hosting Plans Get Deal
25SWITCH 25% off on Openvz Plans Get Deal
LET15 15% Discount on Openvz Get Deal
15sydney2020 15% off Lifetime on Australia Server for Kvm Vps Get Deal
50TW 50% Discount for the First Month of Service for 1-4 Gb Get Deal

ExtraVM provides hosting on different servers worldwide. These servers are located in Canada, Singapore, Australia, France, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The services of Extravm include professional services such as VPS hosting, shared hosting, and dedicated servers, and gaming servers. 

According to some web hosting experts, Extravm offers web hosting with speed and security due to the massive combination of hardware and Cloudlinux, NVMe SSD RAID. The services are easily manageable by a variety of control panels and software. ExtraVM is cost-effective and safe as compared to other providers. 

There are different promo codes available for all the services that offer significant discounts. The VPS services range from monthly pack to 12 months pack with the cost-reducing as the number of months increases.

Services Extravm Provides

There are several services Extravm provides and looks after their security.

  • KVM Nvme VPS
    • KVM runs on NVMe RAID SSD and processors that are super fast and modern. The hardware and software used are easy to manage and with fast operating systems. These OS include Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch Linux, and FreeBSD. This VPS comes with firewalls that are modern and ensure the safety of your hosting. KVM VPS servers are mainly Texas, Canada, France, and Australia.
  • KVM Game VPS
    • By KVM Game VPS, you can access a fast network secured by a high-security firewall for protecting your server. The server locations are US, UK, EU, and Singapore. Extravm game VPS runs on hardware and software that offer fast and reliable for almost gaming applications. The connection, security, and stability are ensured by various methods such as SSD and utility processors.
    • Extravm also offers filters on voice and background to ensure security against DDos attack on game servers. These filters include Minecraft, space engineers, starbound, Garry’s Mod, Arma 3, etc.
  • Minecraft Server Hosting
    • Extravm offers more than twenty automatic setups for modpacks for Minecraft servers and creates them according to the user’s requirements. These mod packs include creeper (5 players), piggy (10 players) to bovine (30 players), and enderman (45 players). All these servers specialized against DDoS attacks, and safety measures vary from location to location.
  • Shared Web Hosting
    • The NVMe protected web hosting servers are of high quality and supported by fast and reliable control panels. You get unmetered bandwidth with weekly backup and one-click install by softaculous. These applications are WordPress, code igniter, Magento, Drupal B.

Extravm Promo Codes Applicable on All Services 

While there are some promo codes available for certain kinds of service, most of them apply to all the online services.

  • 11% Discount
    • AT11
  • 12% Lifetime off on All Extravm Services
    • THR12
  • 25% off on All Services
    • 25SWITCH
  • 40% Discount on All Servers
    • earring45
  • $60 Reduction on Purchase
  • $26 off on All Your Extravm Purchase
    • CAAG

Pros of Extravm 

  • KVM VPS runs in specialized firewalls that reduce the chances of DDoS attacks. 
  • Hardware and software used are fast and reliable. 
  • The servers allocated are spread worldwide, such as Canada, Singapore, and Australia. 
  • The VPS provides unmetered bandwidth and weekly backup. 
  • The firewall network, i.e., pre firewall to armor, maintains the security of your server, leaving no chance of attack. 
  • The modern control panels make Extravm easy to use and maintain. 
  • Instant activation of service is there for almost purchases. 
  • One-click install by softaculous supports a variety of software, including WordPress, to phpBB. 
  • The mob packs for Minecraft servers include several players ranging from 5-45.
  • Extravm is cost-effective in comparison to other web service providers. 

Cons of Extravm 

  • Extravm doesn’t provide a refund on any server purchase. 
  • You have to enter a registered domain while purchasing because domain registration is not available. 


I am sure the variety in Extravm promo code above will help you out in your purchase. With Extravm, you do not have to worry about security as they have a specialized firewall system. Also, new controls make Extravm easy to use. 

With these Extravm promo codes, you can easily set up a shared web hosting or gaming server according to your requirements at the access to all the benefits. 

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