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After using DigitalOcean for a year, I moved to UpCloud because they gave me $25 free credits using coupon “2V2R8N” to try out their services. I am using UpCloud for quite a long time now and so here is my UpCloud Review for those who want to move to the World’s Fastest Cloud Servers.

There are hundreds of VPS and Cloud Server providers who claim that they provide the Fastest Servers, but trust me UpCloud is the one who truly means it. I have used Vultr, DigitalOcean in the past, though they both were good UpCloud seems to be the BEST. Trust me when I say it.

UpCloud is a much more cost-efficient alternative to DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, Amazon EC2, etc with higher performance and 24/7 live support.

This website “cloudsmatch.com” is hosted on UpCloud. I have attached my GTMetrix score.

Honest UpCloud Review

If you trust me, you can directly start using UpCloud without reading this UpCloud review.


Because my experience with UpCloud is the best till now than with any other cloud server providers.

As I mentioned earlier, I have used Vultr and DigitalOcean in the past, I don’t have any grudges against them, but UpCloud has proved to be the best.

This review may sound a little too biased with UpCloud, but trust me, they’re worth it.🤑

So I have used the $5 plan, which is the smallest plan by UpCloud. I have set up the location to Chicago, CentOS7 server, and installed OpenLiteSpeed on it using CyberPanel. CyberPanel is a free control panel for VPS which allows you to install different PHP applications including WordPress.

Then I moved my website from DigitalOcean to Upcloud. I checked the website speed at GTmetrix, the PageSpeed Score increased to 94% from 64% and the YSlow Score increased to 94% from 79%. You can see yourself in the image below.

GTMetrix Score


Google PageSpeed Score


The main reason for moving to UpCloud from DigitalOcean was that I got really high website loading time on DigitalOcean, maybe because the server was not configured properly. But such a huge increase in PageSpeed score cant be because of only one issue. So UpCloud definitely provides the World’s Fastest Server as they promise.

UpCloud Comparison

1. UpCloud vs DigitalOcean

Source: UpCloud.com

2. UpCloud vs Vultr

Source: UpCloud.com

3. UpCloud vs Linode

Source: UpCloud.com

4. UpCloud vs Azure

Source: UpCloud.com

5. UpCloud vs Amazon EC2

Source: UpCloud.com

UpCloud Features

Unique features of UpCloud cloud hosting

  • API to automate everything
    • You can automate your infrastructure with their Fully Functional API, which allows you to configure, create, and delete cloud servers, storage, firewalls, Floating IPs, and more.
  • Floating IPs and Private Networking
    • You can create your own private network, which is interconnected amongst all of the UpCloud datacenter’s.
  • Easy and Flexible Scaling
    • Scale your resources according to your requirements. You can configure each resource by yourself and each resource independently(CPU, RAM, Storage, IP Address).

Products Offered by UpCloud

  1. Cloud Server
    • The World’s Fastest Server.
  2. MaxIOPS Storage
    • High-Performance Block Storage.
  3. Private Cloud
    • Private and Hybrid Cloud Solutions.

UpCloud Server Locations

  • Finland
  • Singapore
  • London
  • USA
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdon

UpCloud Pricing

Pricing starts at $5 per month and goes up to $640 per month. Though you can get $50 free credits if you signup using this link. Deposit $10 to unlock your account from the trial period. Also, these $10 will be added to your credits.

There are other UpCloud Promo codes that give you free credits.

The pricing is really affordable and competitive.

You can also create your custom plans and set the exact number of resources you want to use. They will show the pricing accordingly.

UpCloud provides a Pay-as-you-go kind of payment cycles, which means that you pay only for the resources you use. Pricing is generally based on an hourly basis.

Get $25 UpCloud Free Credits

UpCloud FAQs

  • Can I switch between Simple and Flexible plans?
    • You are always free to switch between the Simple and Flexible plans, without having to delete or deploy your cloud server again. Simply pick which plan you want in the control panel and that’s it.
  • Do UpCloud charge VAT?
    • The VAT is added whenever you make a payment, according to the rules of your country. The taxation percentage will depend on your country of residence but does not apply to users from outside the EU.
  • Will you be charged when you sign up?
    • No, they will only verify your credit card when you sign up or add it to your account. Your credit card is only charged when you make a payment or have chosen to opt-in to automated payments.

UpCloud Referral Program

You can even earn bonus UpCloud Free credits to your UpCloud account by sharing your unique referral link or code with your friends or your website visitors. For every new user who signs up using your unique referral code and makes at least the minimum($10) one-time payment, you will receive $50 worth of UpCloud free credits.

Every new user also receives a bonus worth of free $25 credits when signing up through the referral program. This is a great way to save your money for using UpCloud, simply promote it and get UpCloud free credits.

UpCloud cloud hosting Pros & Cons


  • Server Cloning
  • Control panel, developed in-house
  • Snapshots and scheduled backups
  • Floating IPs


  • Control Panel is new and takes time to understand

UpCloud Alternatives

  1. DigitalOcean
  2. Vultr
  3. Linode
  4. Azure
  5. Amazon EC2
  6. Scaleway
  7. OVH
  8. Google Cloud


So that’s all I have regarding UpCloud, I’ve tried covering every aspect during this UpCloud review.

UpCloud is truly a web server provider to try out. I am really satisfied with their service. If you face any issues, feel free to comment down. Don’t forget to get $25 free credits by clicking the button below.

Get $25 UpCloud Credits

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  1. In the past I used DigialOcean with Cyberpanel but I had problems to send emails. Do you know if Upcloud block any port for emails?

  2. I’ve heard that cloud VPSs are hard to manage. Can you recommend a good video tutorial on how to manage UpCloud’s VPS? I primarily want to be able to do what normally is allowed on a shared hosting, and I want to be able to do that relatively easily.


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